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BlossomThe Restaurant

The Restaurant

Blossom is a table for nature lovers who are seeking a new lifestyle.

In this extraordinary garden, the vegetable flourishes to the plate under the expert hands of head chef Alexandre Auger and pastry chef Shereen Khelif.

Fragrances and aromas joyfully carry a healthy and hedonistic cuisine, blending virtues and pleasures along with the seasons: crudités, salads bursting with vibrant colors, homemade broths, bucolic or urban style dishes, gourmet desserts, not to forget the wine, elixirs and essences menu combining virtues of organic and charm of authenticity.

Enjoy a parade of fine and delicate flavors for your business lunches, sharing moments with friends or glamorous diners, in the Blossom atmosphere of elegance friendliness.

Informations and reservations : +33 1 44 94 14 24

Blossom is open every day except weekends and holidays.

Please note that the restaurant is closed from February 8th 2020 until February 23rd.


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The chef

Alexandre Auger

In the kitchen, a dynamic and young duo trained for great cuisine dares to break codes, always looking for changing tastes and new needs of hosts: Chef Alexandre Auger and Pastry Chef Shereen Khelif.
Starters from the market, and Garden salads associate local vegetables of season (asparagus, broadbeans, spinach …), new superfoods (cabbage kale, quinoa, pomegranate, alfalfa …) and virtues of plants (nigella, ginger …) in colorful and flavorful creative associations.
The menu includes light and tasty Homemade broths, traditional and essentials Urban style, or Bucolic mains, proposing a fined product accompanied by carefully cooked vegetables.
To conclude, Faubourg sweetnesses reinterpret the most gourmand pastry traditions: sweet-puff, baba or Chantilly cream, all in lightness and embellished with the benefits of superfoods. Avocado cream and soya custard sauce, are other sweet pleasures for ultra-light and vegetarian sweet-puffs

Alexandre Auger et Shereen Khelif
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