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Discover our commitments and achievements in favor of sustainable development.


L’O du FaubOurg

Le Faubourg water is a sustainable alternative to bottled water.

Microfiltered on site thanks to our fountains, this water is pure and neutral in taste. Drinking Faubourg water means avoiding environmental pollution linked to containers and transportation between the source and the place of consumption.

Le Faubourg water is offered in all rooms.


Zero single-use plastic

Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg has committed to eliminating all single-use plastic items.

This decision aims to reduce the environmental impact of our business and to reinforce efforts to fight plastic pollution of the oceans and other natural environments of the planet.

This goal was set by the Accor Group as part of the Global Initiative to Reduce Plastic in Tourism, implemented by the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Tourism Organization, in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.


Optimizing bedding laundering

In order to save water, we commit to changing the sheets for stays longer than one night at your request. A marker can be placed on the bed for more frequent replacement.

Sorting and treatment of waste in the appropriate channels

Batteries, light bulbs, paint cans, soiled packaging, printer cartridges…these products are sorted by our ambassadors, then carefully entrusted to approved service providers for specific treatment.


Collection and recycling of cooking oil

Our cooking oils are stored in a specific container and then collected and recycled by a specialized company to be transformed into biofuels, detergents and soaps.


Our associative commitments

We promote the collection of essential foodstuffs for the Restos du Cœur.

We make donations of clothing, shoes and accessories to support and promote access to employment for people in need with the Cravate Solidaire.

We participate in a solidarity sale and donations to support associations such as Emmaüs, Petit Prince, etc.


Human resources

The gender equality index at Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg in 2021 received an overall score of 85/100.
score of 85/100.

The cleaning products used are eco-certified and we offer a bed lift to facilitate the work of the room staff.


The cuisine at Blossom restaurant

The cuisine is partly organic and seasonal with local products.

Our restaurant no longer offers cod because of overfishing.

A goal of reducing food waste has been set.


Attention to our consumption

The application of the sobriety charter with, in particular, the maintenance of temperatures at 19°C in winter, the use of low consumption bulbs, the lights of the facade turned off after 23h00, a system of reduction of water consumption in the bathrooms, etc.


Services for our clients

We provide bicycles, as well as Tesla plugs for electric cars for our clients.

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