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Hospitality from the heart

Wishing a fairer world, the Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg promote the hospitality from the heart supports eight beautiful associations:

Sport dans la ville

Football events to defend the colors of the Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg and promote insertion through sport.


Refettorio Paris

Refettorio is an inspiring community kitchen located in the crypt of the church of la Madeleine, steps from Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg. The chefs and the staff are involved in offering a dinner to people in situations of social vulnerability.



Food waste collected and valued thanks to the involvement of catering and kitchen teams.



Donations of useful items for people in need.


Des étoiles et des femmes

Our Chef, Anaïs Foray is involved in Des Etoiles et Femmes, an innovative project offering women who love cooking the opportunity to work in the restaurant industry.


La cravate solidaire

Uniforms and workwear offered to support access to employment for people in need.

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  • hospitality-from-the-heart
  • hospitality-from-the-heart
  • hospitality-from-the-heart
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