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Hospitality from the heart

Desiring to participate in the construction of a fairer and better world, our teams make the hospitality from the heart radiant through several actions.

The Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg supports eight beautiful associations:

Sport dans la ville

3 tournaments played by 4 teams,  in the last 3 years to defend the colors of the Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg and support the association that promotes insertion through sport.


Refettorio Paris

Volunteer participation of the ambassadors in the services: moments of sharing and conviviality with the Refettorio teams, the “residents” and the guaranteed beneficiaries.



10600 kg of food waste collected and valued since the end of January 2019 thanks to the involvement of catering and kitchen teams, as well as ambassadors who sort waste at the company restaurant.



43 kg of soap bars collected by chambermaids and staff members.
The new goal is to collect 200 kg of soap a year from the next school year.


Des étoiles et des femmes

Etoiles et Femmes is an innovative project that gives women who love cooking the opportunity to integrate a profession in the restaurant industry.
It is quite natural for our Chef, Alexandre Auger, to agree to give these courses and to accompany them until the holding of their diploma.


Chorba pour tous

We regularly donate clothes, linens, dishes, equipment and kitchen utensils.

Delphine Stroh of Planet 21 is their godmother and has supported their project with the accor solidarity fund to finance the work of kitchens and works with them on the removal of plastic and food waste


Les hotels solidaires

Donated bottles of used shower gels and shampoos as well as pastries and bread on Monday to people in precarious situation.


La cravate solidaire

Donations of clothing, shoes and accessories to support and promote access to employment for people in need.

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