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Over – The Sofitel Paris le Faubourg frequently honours textile savoir-faire and the artistic dimension of apparels through its installations.

Therefore, they naturally wished for The Fibery, the only parisian gallery focusing on contemporary textile art, to exhibit within their walls starting from the 24th of September to the 31st of October 2020.

The artworks of Karine N’guyen Van Tham, Aurore Thibout, and the duo Xavier Brisoux-Isabelle Soum lead us to a poetical universe.
The «Lignée» series by Karine N’guyen Van Tham, guardian of the place, reigns within the hotel’s facade and its entrance hall.
These suspended artworks with evocative names such as Divin, Celeste, Guardian, Between sky and earth, weaven with gold thread and embroided with pine-cone scales, open the doors to an imaginary journey.

On this journey, our eyes meet with the organic prints sculpted by Xavier Brisoux and Isabelle Soum through knitting and resin, similar to fossiles with a futuristic aura. The skylight of the reception’s glass roof will catch you and lead you to the artistic apparels of Aurore Thibout, born through her collaborations with japanese master craftsmen holding ancestral savoir-faire.
These unique pieces weaven with natural fibers -wooden for some-, with dyes and vegetal prints, come from the union between nature’s beauty and mankind’s hand.

To end this journey on a more intimate touch, you will only need to comfortably sit in the reading room in order to fully enjoy the cabinet of curiosity made from artworks by Karine N’guyen Van Tham specifically created for this dim-lited place. These weaven and embroided fragments and plastrons, alike to vestiges dug up from the past, are displayed as rediscovered buried treasures.

Here comes to an end this journey with hints of textile, travelling between the past and the present, age-old skills and experimentations, nature and science, always with the gaze turned to the future.

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