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Flower Show

Over – Flower Show,  Couture exhibition –  Until march 20th 2020

In the heart of  the Faubourg Saint-Honoré, an emblematic district of Parisian elegance, the Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg celebrates the glamorous atmosphere of fashion houses. Through a program of exhibitions and events, it strives to offer its guests a unique discovery of French luxury and know-how.  Every year, during Haute Couture week, the hotel welcomes the French Federation of Tailored Couture Creation – Paris and celebrates the excellence of its professions.

The 2020 exhibition showcases the exceptional Ruffo Coli weavings in a sumptuous collection of prom dresses.

The abundance of floral prints, the fresh and vibrant colors, the myriads of flowers of porcelain jewelry inspired the title of Flower Show which invites us to a joyful anticipation of Spring. Enter a waltz of silks, lace and muslin, aerial and precious.

Make the most of your stay and meet the talented couturiers of the French Federation of Tailor-Made Couture Creations and, why not, design with them the dress of your dreams!


Beaumenay Joannet – Jérôme Blin – Sophie Castagnetti – Guenaëlle Debarnot – Nataliya Depoux
Mirna El-Hage – Sylvie Kameni – LetzMartin – Isaac Pantaléon – Ali Thompson – Anne Vogt-Bordure

Fanny Acquart gensollen – ArtmétalFramex – Atelier Montsalvy – Beadsof Aquarius – Boks and baum
Frédérique Tilly – Dagorne – Mademoiselle Flora – Philippe ferrandis – Verpal – Victorian rehab

Leather goods
Maison Hamon – Maltier – Maison Vaincourt – Pellegrino paris



Fédération de la Création Couture sur Mesure – Paris :  –


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