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Mythical Apéritifs

Quinquina, Guignolet, Vermouth ou Gentiane … Nothings is more Parisian than these vintage drinks, their names deliciously vintage and their unforgettable flavors. At Blossom restaurant or under the elegant glassroof of the lobby, enjoy a Mythical Apéritif!

Unique price : 9 €

From the latin aperire meaning “to open”, the Roman people used to drink a glass of wine with honney. During the Middle Ages, alcoholic drinks were often devoted to a medical aim. It was used to have, at the beginning of the meal, a wine-based drink with aromatic plants (wine of sage) or  spices.
In the middle of the 19th century, the wine with quinine is a treatment againt malaria. As these therapeutic drinks are very bitter, decoctions of herbs and spices are added. At the end of World War II, the Apéritif become very popular. Kir, anise, gentian, pineau but also Quinquina, Vermouth or Guignolet, the Apéritif is fully part of the French lifestyle.

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